Help, I locked my keys in my car !!

Have you ever stepped out of your car, hit the lock button, shut the door and realized the keys are inside? 

Many times this has happened and drivers are not aware of the fact that their car insurance may pay for the locksmith to come out to open the door for you.

Information via Summit Business Systems

Towing & Labor Costs

April 25, 2016

Our insured locked his keys in his car and had to have a locksmith open his door. Would the cost of the locksmith be covered under the towing and labor cost portion under the personal auto policy?


Under the terms of the endorsement, the towing and labor costs are covered for attending to the disablement of the covered auto, and the labor costs are paid if the labor is performed at the place of disablement. If the car is disabled and it is fixed at that spot, the coverage is there. In this instance, the car was disabled and was fixed at that spot so the coverage exists.

Though AJR only handles property insurance claims, we wanted to share this information with you, as we know many of us have found ourselves in this situation.

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