Additional Living Expense for PETS via Summit Business Systems

ALE for Pets

April 9, 2013

When a loss causes a home to be uninhabitable for a period of time, would we owe to board the insured dogs under an H03 policy? Animals are excluded under coverage C, and the ALE says we pay any increases in living expenses you incur so that your household can maintain its normal living standard. It does not appear this would be covered under ALE. If it were covered, it would seem more of a coverage C claim, like when property is stored while repairs are made (animals are property). But again, they are excluded under coverage C.

Arizona Subscriber

The animals are not damaged in the loss; therefore they are not a coverage C item. The insured’s standard of living includes living with pets; if you cannot relocate the insured into a location that allows the insured to bring his pets, then you need to board the pets where the insured would board them if he left home. ALE is very broad coverage, and the insured’s standard of living includes many things including food, drinks, pets, access to swimming pools, etc.